About Us

We all want to eat healthy, which is the main reason we decided to start this farm. We were tired of the lack of quality and availability of fresh, local, and healthy meat and produce. Here at Minyard Farms we take a biological approach, combining many organic practices along with conventional agriculture, to produce healthy soil, healthy animals, and healthy fruits and vegetables for you to enjoy. We are not a certified organic farm, I feel it is important to say that upfront, but we do strive toward being as organic as possible. In chemistry, anything based on carbon is an organic compound. Simply said – a more natural way of farming that relies primarily on organic matter. By composting and adding that compost back to our soil we encourage healthy plant growth. Healthy plants and animals can naturally fight off disease and insect pressure, minimizing our need to use pesticides. If need be, however, we do use some on a spot application basis.

We only feed our animals Non GMO feed that is all grown locally within 150 miles of our farm, and our animals that we process will never have received antibiotics or any hormones. The reason for this is our investment in time and money is too great (we think of it as a life insurance policy). If an animal gets sick we remove it from our herd/flock and do our best to save it. We believe that treating our animals with respect is the only way to ensure the best flavor when it gets to your fork.

We work hard here at Minyard Farms to bring you quality produce and the highest quality pasture raised poultry, pork, and eggs that you can find. It is food that tastes good and food that is good for you.

One of our proudest points is that we eat what we produce and we will never sell you a product that would not be on our own kitchen table. This is why we started the #farmtofarmtable initiative where we will be sharing recipes and videos on how we prepare everything grown at Minyard Farms and we encourage each of you to share your ideas as well. Along with the #farmtofarmtable initiative we will be hosting seasonal invitational dinners at the farm so you can bring the family and enjoy the evening visiting and eating a delicious, fresh as it gets meal.

My wife and I welcome you to our site and encourage you to follow along on our adventure as we progress towards our goal of providing fresh, local, and healthy food to you and our community.

We have included an online store as well where you can place orders/ purchase our products for pickup only at this time. It will be updated weekly with what is available and remember if you don’t buy we can’t keep going forever!

Thank you for your patronage and continued support,

With love and respect,
Kyle and Lauren Minyard